postheadericon Things To Look For When Reading Food Labels

Statistics indicate that processed, pre-packages non-foods make up around 70 percent of the American diet. While many of these things may seem simple on the outside, they’re often loaded with sugar, salt, empty calories and chemical additives. As a result, the country’s population appears to be getting sicker and obesity rates are skyrocketing. If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to pay attention to food labels. Here are some ingredients to avoid at all costs. Artificial Sweeteners Sucralose, compare insurance, aspartame and other chemical sweeteners have been shown to cause weight gain, thyroid problems, brain damage and blood sugar problems. Vegetable Oil Oil from corn, canola and soy aren’t the boons to health they’re made out to be. These bad fats are rancid before they even get to the store, so they cause inflammation and promote free radical formation. They’ve also been implicated in the development of heart disease. After they became a popular replacement for coconut oil and other saturated fats in countries like Southeast Asia, the rates of heart disease rose sharply from almost nothing. Preservatives and Colors Artificial preservatives and colors have been found to cause autoimmune disorders, behavioral problems, allergies, neurological damage and even cancer.

postheadericon A Colorful Plate: Achieving Nutritional Diversity At Dinner

Based on the current understanding of nutrients our bodies need, it’s more advisable to design your diet around whole fruits and vegetables. There’s still a place for grains, meats, dairy, and fats, but eating from the rainbow of the plant world will increase both your body’s immunity to disease and pollution, as well as enable you to maintain a healthy weight.

Ways to introduce new foods to your diet are everywhere. Visit your local farmers’ market and scope out Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Why Building Muscle Helps Burn More Calories

Hitting a weight loss plateau is a frustrating part of many people’s fitness journeys. You may spend hours on the treadmill every week and cut more and more calories from your diet but still be stuck at the same number on the scale, wondering what you are doing wrong.

Cutting calories while pushing yourself too hard with cardio exercise makes your metabolism grind to a halt and often results in the loss of muscle tissue. Cardio is great for your heart health, but if you want to burn fat and lose weight, it Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Ten Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

In today’s society, everyone is busy. Busy working – Busy pursuing leisure activities – busy living in a busy society. With all this busyness, most people don’t set time aside for exercise. It’s not that they don’t know it’s important, it’s simply because they don’t have time. As you know exercise is something that you absolutely must make time to do. Not only will it improve your health and life, but it will relieve stress as well. Here are 10 Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Healthy Meals Your Kids Will Ask For

Kids can be picky eaters, and more than one child has turned up his or her nose at veggies. So, how can you get your little one to ask for healthy foods? Here are some health meal ideas kids will love.

Spaghetti is a classic kid friendly dish. Pastas are now available to meet a variety of dietary needs. Whole wheat, veggie and gluten-free pastas ensure you can choose the right spaghetti for your child’s healthy diet. In addition, adding finely diced Read the rest of this entry »